Sixty Year Notes To Classmates

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Gary Mills suggested this as a way for those not able to attend the reunion events to catch up on our friends and classmates.
Good idea Gary.



Mike and Grove Dahl  -                                                                                      Updated June 2019





Mike and Groverlee in Rome, 2019

Dear Classmates,

It is so hard to believe that we are already at 60 years out of Gridley High.  It seems only like yesterday when I was running the gauntlet  in the hall to keep away from seniors flipping us with towels, and Marty Larens yelling at us for "supposedly " goofing off in band.  

Since our last entry we still have the same four grandchildren, but oh how they have grown.  Katie is a junior in college, Alysyn is a sophomore in high school, Lucas a freshman in high school and Olivia is already a seventh grader!  They all get straight A's which only proves they don't "supposedly" goof off at school like their "Papa"

Grove and I celebrated our fifty years of "married bliss" nearly two years ago with all the family in Mexico and I am including that photo.  We have been blessed with good health and a very healthy longing for adventure which has enabled us to sneak up to nearly sixty countries in the world visited. As you can tell by our photos though, travel is "broadening" in more ways than one!   We can't choose our favorite countries to visit as all are unique and wonderful and remind us however wonderful they are, we are still so blessed to live where we do.....Politics not withstanding! (Still if you ever want to take a great trip in the world we recommend OAT or Grand Circle.  Contact us and we can get you a deal and recommendation. ). Grove keeps a trip journal on  thanks to Ken!

At home we continue to work in the museum, hunting , food closet, Lions, Focus, helping fire victims, school, and the like.  With so many volunteer hours it cuts into some of the traveling time and trips to our beloved Lake Madrone!  Still we try to connect as often as possible with our two sons and their families ( Erick in Yuba City and Aaron in Chico). They are still our absolute best "accomplishment in life"!

We look forward to our 60th class reunion in the fall with all of you!  We certainly hope you attend or at least let us know what you are doing after all these years.  As Ken recounted, Gridley High's Class of 1959 is a very special and unique "family"!

Phone:  (530) 846-3190


Same address for forty-five years and counting




Richard & Sandra Bosenko              Updated August, 2019

In September of 1959, I entered Chico State. The Friday before classes convened I met Sandra, who 8 months later became my wife. We were married in the Presbyterian Church on the CSU campus. We will celebrate our 59th anniversary on August 27th.

Our 2 daughters were born in Chico. Tina our oldest lives in Biggs, CA. with two of her four children, Daniel (27), Joelle (17) and Izabelle (16). Joelle and Izabelle were adopted from China.

Joelle is a senior at CORE Butte in Chico with plans to attended Baylor upon graduation. Besides her diploma, she will have 30+ units toward her AA Degree from Butte JC. Izabelle is a junior at Biggs High School and is excelling, but not sure what she will do after graduation.

Arielle (29) is married to Christopher and they have two daughters, Wynter Rae who turned 5 this past June and Lauryn Rae who will be two at the end of August. They live in Kerby Oregon.

Daniel met his wife Liana while in New Zealand with YAYAM International. They married 2 years ago and currently live in Holland but are expecting to return to the USA in January 2020.

Kelli our youngest daughter lives here in Medford, OR, with her son Ryan who will be 30 in September.

After graduation from Chico, in 1965, I took a position with the University of California at Davis, Closed Circuit Education Television Department for a year and a half, working in the Veterinarian large and small animal surgery where I laid out the Computer, Audio and Video requirements for the proposed new Library, Veterinarian and Human Hospitals, which were completed in the early seventies.

We then moved to the Bay Area and worked for Ampex Corporation as a design engineer. Ampex sent me to Newport News VA, where I was responsible for the NASA back-up equipment used in looking for the Sea of Tranquility, which later became the landing site for Neil Armstrong’ Apollo 11 moon landing. All of the public information and photos were from the Ampex System.

After Ampex, I joined Microwave Associates as engineering manager designing Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers (TWTA), which were used in space reconnaissance. Next, Signetics as a technical chip design specialist.

Signetics moved to us Orange County, where we lived during the ‘70s. During our time in Orange County, I worked in a variety of Technical Sales and Marketing positions, Digital Equipment Corporation (1st time), Microdata, General Automation, and Honeywell.

In May of 1970, Jesus Christ became Sandra’s, Tina’s, Kelli’s and my Lord and Savior. We attended Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa for 10 years.

In November 1974 a team of five (5) from CCCM went to New Zealand where we taught bible studies and lead evangelistic crusades all on the North Island.

In 1976 we purchased Living Water Productions, a wholesale distributor of Contemporary Christian Music (Maranatha) and Christian gift items. This provided many opportunities for teaching, evangelism, and one-on-one ministries.

In 1980, I made 2 trips to Shanghai China, at the request of the People Republic of China representing various U.S. computer and electronics companies to set an automated assembly line. However, the real purpose was to open an avenue to smuggle bible into China, all in support of Brother Andrew. On the 2nd trip, I hand-carried more than 1,000 bibles into Shanghai, as well as 30 Zilog Z80 microprocessor systems to complete the assembly line setup. The following year Brother Andrews’s teams carried in more than a 1,000,000 bibles, successfully. Zilog eventfully signed a $25M oil exploration contract, offshore of China

In August of 1980, we moved back to Chico, with the express desire to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, on the CSU campus. From this grew Calvary Chapel of Chico, which I pastor for 4 years. During this time I assisted in the formation of Calvary Chapel of Gridley, and Calvary Chapel Oroville. Sam Allen was called 1984 as the Senior Pastor of CC Chico, where he is today with an active and vibrant fellowship.

In addition to China and New Zealand, travels have included: Israel, England, Switzerland, France, Austria, Malaysia, Hong Kong and every state in the union except Alaska. Mostly for business, others for pleasure but ultimately sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

In 1980, I walked with Arthur Blessitt from Virginia Beach VA. to Washington DC a distance about 250 miles in 13 days, culminating in the “Washington for Jesus” crusade. Additional, Participation in other crusades included: Hollywood, Las Vegas, Orange Country, Los Angeles, San Diego, and the Pomona Fair, as an outreach of Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). Every Friday night for a year and a half we led witness teams on 1st street in Santa Ana. This was the center of street living, porno theaters, and alternate lifestyles.

In 1984 we returned to the Bay Area and the Electronic Industry. 1984 through 2009. First with Digital Equipment (2nd time), Tangent Systems, Cadence Design, High-Level Design, interHDL, FasTrack Design, Tuscany Design Automation. Each of these was involved with the computer industry or the software “Chip” design software (Electronic Design Automation, EDA). Primarily they were start-up companies. Most were successful in their product niche, which resulted in 8 out of 10 being acquired by larger EDA companies.

In July of 1998, we move to Medford Oregon, to be closer to Sandra’s mom, the kids and grandkids. Tina was in Bend OR at the time and Kelli in Medford.

I became the CEO of Lava Logic (Washington DC) in 1999-2002 and traveled a lot.

In July of 2000, Sandra and I spent the entire month vacationing in Switzerland, Italy, France, and Liechtenstein. This was our 2nd trip to France and Switzerland. Switzerland and Italy are some the friendliest place in Europe.

In 2010 I became President & CEO of a multifunctional start-up company, “ICR Systems”. After seeking to fund unsuccessfully, we suspended operations in 2014.

In 2011 I became a Teaching Assistant in Medford School District’s Special Education Department. The first two-year were in a ‘FOCUS’ classroom (Elementary 4th-6th grades, with 12-15 students plus Teacher and 2 teaching assistances).

In 2014 I moved to Medford North (4 year High School) creating lesson plans, testing, grading and recording, reporting student progress, coordinate, schedules and review all IEP’s in support of teacher’s caseload, teaching Algebra and Math fundamentals. As of this update, I am beginning my 9th year with the school district, all in Special Education.

In 2016, I was engaged to write a Business and Financial Plan for Siskiyou Zip Line in Hilt/Hornbrook CA area. This has been delayed back 3 to 5 years due to the Hornbrook Fire, which went through the Zipline park location.

In July 2019 a merger agreement was signed, bringing together two Limited Liability Companies. One focused on Country Clubs and the other on Executive Resort. I am a minority partner in this new Corporation. Now, all we need is a funding event.

We still live on the 17 acres we purchased in 1998 here in Medford. We still have Sandra’ Morgan mare, but I had to put my gelding down about 4 years ago, I continue to teach in local churches occasionally and share the Gospel at every opportunity.

We have been truly blessed beyond anything that can be expressed in a brief bio.

The knowledge of our eternal relationship with God our heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit is foremost, of these blessing.

Second, a loving wife, who is a continual inspiration, as are our daughters, 5 grandkids and two great-granddaughters. Truly, Sandra and I are blessed

I look forward to hearing what has taken place in each of your lives when it is convenient.

May the LORD Jesus Christ richly bless you! May He open your hearts to the knowledge of His plan and will for your life. May your joy and fellowship in Him be complete!

God Bless you, your household, and your families,





Don & Peggy Bell                                   Updated August 2019

Peggy caught me on Sadies Hawkins Day and the rest of the story is our wonderful life together.

We live at 28 Hill Dr. Oroville, Ca. 95966 Our phone number is 530-589-1466.

We have 3 beautiful daughters, Kathleen, Karen and Kimberly. We have 11 grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren.

I worked for Safeway Stores, Currier Bros. Store (now Raley's) in Oroville for 37 years and retired in 1996.

Peggy worked for Pacific Coast Producers in Oroville for 35 years and retired in 2004.

We have traveled to all 50 States. There is so much to see in America.

We went to Mexico every year fishing until it was no longer safe down there.

We traveled to Canada for duck and goose hunting. We hunted Deer and Elk in most of the western states.

Hobbies have included Softball, Basketball, Bowling, Fishing and Duck hunting on my club.

We just renewed our wedding vows in May for our 60th year at our daughter and son-in-law Kim and Andy's home on Lake Oroville.





 Linda (Koehler) & David Hughes                 Updated August 2019




 60th Class Reunion   - - - - - - - - - -   Looking back    

The one word which summarizes my life to date is gratitude.  I am grateful  for the numerous experiences, opportunities, influences, blessings, and more than my fair share of good luck.

I experienced a relatively carefree childhood living on a 4th generation peach farm.  I loved being a tomboy, even as I was taught the essentials of reliability, diligence, sharing, and honesty.  It was a blessing to attend the small Manzanita elementary school, where I knew each student and family, and to see with youthful eyes that we had more in common than not.  My graduating class was eight students yet I did not run fastest, did not have the best penmanship, couldn't sing well.  I was being conditioned to do my best and to respect all my classmates, a valuable  life-lesson during all these ensuing years. 

As a young bachelorette, this schooling provided a steadying platform whether my position was in government, nonprofit, or business- whether the situation was  demanding, boring, stimulating or perplexing.

 I had many opportunities to work with others when I lived in a small community of farmers, fishermen, loggers, tree huggers, tourism businessmen in the San Juan Islands in Washington.   I volunteered to draft the first management plan for the county's parks and beaches which were spectacular but ignored.  That led to membership on the Park commission and later founding administrator of the nonprofit conservation trust within the islands.  Being engaged within a disparate  community on projects of long-lasting public value was certainly educational, challenging and equally satisfying.

My greatest blessing is my husband David. We share a curiosity about other cultures and places. Being a guest in another culture is a special privilege with associated confusion, blunders, and comedies. We have found rich friendships during these travels, whether on European train trips,  Yosemite camping, or Utah skiing.  During my Koehler genealogy research,  we searched for old homesteads, small town archives and distant relatives across the Midwest, central Germany, and Scotland's Orkney Islands. There we were delighted to meet Linda's third cousins who continue to farm the family's ancestral lands. 

I am still a farm girl, says David.  Wherever we are, I check out how people go about farming.  Currently my farm is a large sunny patio where I cultivate a garden, lunches and friendships.

David and I continue to be engaged in community, church and non-profit activities.  We find volunteering stimulating to the  mind and satisfying to the soul. 

Probably you have a similar list of lessons learned:

1.  An apple rolls down a hillside faster than you can catch up with it

2.  It is smart to  give up skiing before you burn-out your knees

3.  It is more difficult to climb down Half Dome than climb up

4.  Learn which door means  "male" and which means "female" wherever you find yourself


More seriously:

1.  never hesitate to ask for help or advice

2. smile and laugh more readily

3.  try to leave the Earth a better place


Live well



Linda Koehler Hughes       August 29, 2019       Santa Barbara CA




 Ken & Rosalee Smith                                        Updated August 2019



We are so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful graduating class. How many other people do you know, other than our classmates, of course, that have met their graduating class in a reunion every five years (except year ten)? And how many people have you talked with that has enjoyed four reunion cruises… and working on a possible number five?

I think that we can justifiably be proud of our group. We have known each other, in many cases, for more than 70 years! Amazingly, we still do not fully know each other. For some reason we always have more to say to each other than we have time for when we gather together.

I want to say to each of you reading this that I am very proud of each one of you, if that means anything to you. Every reunion has been an enjoyable occasion, even though we have shared sadness with the loss of more of our group each year. Perhaps that is what makes each reunion that much more enjoyable, and important to us.

People tend to stay away from reunions because of any of several reasons… people will all be intoxicated… people are older… I’m fatter… everyone else has done marvelous things and I’m still… (fill in the blanks)… everyone travels the world and I’m still in Gridley. I have to say that not only I have not felt or seen that at any reunions… well, maybe after the first reunion… 😊  and I have not heard anyone complain about these things. I am proud to be a part of the Gridley Class of ’59.

I was working for Shifflet Brothers Trucking in Gridley before graduation, and with no intent on college I was still there for the year after graduation. I had a dream… not an ambition but a real, sleepytime dream that I was an architect, and I enjoyed that work, so I decided to go to college. Meanwhile, I had met Rosalee Shifflet, and on September 3rd, 1960, I married the boss’s daughter and we moved to San Luis Obispo for Cal Poly’s Architecture program. Architecture had some major problems then, so as a Junior I transferred to Chico State and we moved up to Chico, with a major in Industrial Education and a teaching minor in Biology.

Before I finished with most of the requirements for a Master’s in IA, we were blessed with Kenton in March 1964 and Kimberlee in December 1965. I started teaching Automotive Engineering at Mission San Jose High School in Fremont, CA fall of ’65, and turned in my key in June of 2001. I taught Auto, Wood, Drafting, Motorcycle, Electronics, Biology and Freshman General Science. In ’83 with help from parents we created a computer lab and I taught computer programming in BASIC and Pascal and computer applications.

We were the sixth largest school district in California, and our Asst. Superintendent in charge of Instruction fought our intent to offer computer classes: “I’m not interested in getting involved with computers… they are only a passing fad!” When we started the program (in spite of his objections) he donated $500 from his own pocket as he retired. Our intelligent principal, in her esteemed wisdom, stated “They’ve written all the computer programs we will ever need” and she shut down the computer program… in 1986, and we scrapped a quarter-million dollar mainframe into the aluminum recycle bin. And we wonder why education is in trouble?!

The auto program closed because she said: “All our students are going to go to college… they will not be working on their cars.” The last 15 years of my career I taught California’s Health and Sex Education semester-long course to mixed m/f, mostly Freshmen, and I loved that gig. The kids taught me so much. 😊

Rosalee faced breast cancer twice, different breast, different type of breast cancer. I became certified as a Breast Health Facilitator for ACS, and we ran a cancer support group here locally, which still exists. I started another one that was in-house inside Safeway Stores’ main corporate office here in Pleasanton. I am the only MALE Breast Health Facilitator they have, so I have done corporate lectures on breast cancer. We have a website that works with breast problems, and we both are involved in running the International Bra-Free Study. It is not for political or social reasons, but for breast health. Twelve International studies on it have proven beyond a doubt that the wearing of a bra causes lymph stasis, and that allows carcinogenic chemicals in our bodies to alter breast-cell DNA into breast cancer. To put it bluntly: “Bras cause breast cancer!” I will answer your questions. 😊

Rosalee was an accountant and an EA for more than fifty years, and we found how fun cruising is. We found an annual job in Hawai’i that allowed us a month’s vacation every year, giving us over a year and a half of living in the islands.

Our son married a school teacher and their oldest is a precision welder in Montana, and his younger brother is an Air Traffic Controller in Shreveport Louisiana. Our daughter’s former husband is Chief of Police in Dublin, California, and their two girls are out of college, one is a nurse preparing for a doctorate in Kinesiology and the other started working with her degree in Administration of Justice. We are very proud of each and every one and feel extremely blessed. 

We have lived in the same home in Pleasanton for nearly 40 years, adding onto it because I could… and now we have to wash all of those windows. Our daughter and girls still live in the vicinity and our son and wife recently left the area to retire in Boise, Idaho. So, we are still vertical and above room temperature, with aging showing in all the normal places, but still very blessed. I have no idea how Rosalee has put up with me this long. She wonders the same thing, I’m sure.

Hope to see you in September, and think hard about joining us on the next cruise.




Judy Gage & Her Son, Antony          Updated September 2019




After graduating in 1959, I enrolled at Yuba College receiving my AA degree.  Then onto Sacramento State and my BA degree in Education.  I applied to San Juan District and began my 33 year career in Elementary Schools.  My further education earned me a Masters degree and Reading Specialist Certification.  I held the position of Reading Specialist for ten wonderful years.  I retired at age 55 and went on to accept part time positions in teaching as well as supervising student teachers and working for a publishing company during the next seven years.

I got the traveling bug shortly after beginning my teaching career.  My first adventure took me to Guadalajara where I stayed with a family who welcomed many young women who were studying Spanish.  I met a variety of people and had a great time.  Not so much Spanish!  An eight week trip to Europe with friends took us to six countries.  Friends in Alaska gave me lasting memories.  Also, sailed around the islands of Tahiti.

My most profound adventure took me to Costa Rica.  At age 49, I decided to adopt a young child.  After much anticipation, I chose a five year old Special Needs boy. As part of the process, I needed to travel twice to this beautiful country.  No time to be a tourist.

Our lives would never be the same.  From the beginning, Antony has been a warm and loving being.  He has just turned 34.  Our traveling included a summer vacation to Mendocino yearly from age five.  One of our encounters introduced us to the Special Education Director of the county.  When I inquired about what would be available for Antony, she suggested Fort Bragg.  The rest is history for us.  We’ve been here for almost 20 years.  That move was quite an adventure.  Picture us in our car with a sedated large Golden Retriever, a bird in cage and packed to the rafters.  We were a sight!

The progress Antony has made is remarkable.  He has a part time job at a thrift store.  With the help of caregivers, he can live independently and at my home as well. He has made some lasting friendships and is involved in Special Olympics playing baseball, soccer and bocce ball.

I am very involved in all of Antony’s scheduling and many activities. As well, I have time to sit on a board that helps to support those with needs to participate in recreation.  I’m also involved with a woman’s group that are politically active. Life has been good to us.





Gary & Nora Carlin                           Updated September 2019




After high school I graduated from Chico State with an AB in Biology and a BS in Crop Production; then went to UC Davis earning an MS in Horticulture.  Graduate studies were interrupted by Local Draft Board 11 which forced me to choose and Air Force was my choice.  I spent 4 years active duty as a commissioned officer in Air Weather Service (MAC) radar/flight line instrumentation for the East Coast and in the Atlantic. I stayed in the reserves to finish out a career, retiring as a Lt Col.  I was blessed with the opportunity in 1977 to teach all the orchard classes at Chico State while my professor friend took a year sabbatical.

I’ve been a farmer all my life, concentrating on orchards and vineyards.  I retired from peach farming in 2002 and prune farming in 2017: now just dealing with walnuts and kiwifruit. Hopefully the administrative workload of Nora’s and my orchards & vineyards; plus being the managing member/farmer of the Carlin Family Orchards LLC and the Corporate Secretary of CHGADA, Inc. (an S-Corp farming partnership with Charlie Pfister, Dave Crane and me) will keep my mind very alert.

We have 2 daughters and 3 grandkids and nobody is interested in returning to farming.  With the CHGADA work force everything gets done and I can now choose the physical farming activities I want to do and just oversee all the rest.

To stay active, my wife, Nora, and I start the day with lots of activity: she goes to the gym 6 days/week for an hour workout and I walk with fiends Monday through Friday on Hazel Street between the back Biggs Rd and Hwy 99 getting in loops of 2.5 miles and to warm up I spend an hour at the gym M W F.  We are “early birds getting the day started at 4:15 am, but we usually put the chickens to bed at night!

My greatest pleasure is facilitating our Men’s Group Bible Study each Tuesday evening at First Presbyterian Church (no denominational ties with PC USA).




Jim & JoEllen Pitt                           Updated September 2019




















Jim and JoEllen live up in Quincy, Washington, where they are involved with a local group of farmers. Jim said that he hoped that the pepper harvest would be completed so they could make it to the reunion dinner. If this is this year's crop, this may be a good sign.




Gary & Susan Mills                            Updated September 2019

A short bio: we have been serving as full-time volunteers for our church, (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), for the last 12 years and expect to continue serving until health issues prevent us from continuing. We are fortunate in not having to deal with major health problems except for a triple by-pass heart surgery three years ago. Doing well now, however.

Our church service has been primarily with the construction department, the department which has responsibility for the construction of the temples around the world—there are now more than 200 of them; and one is going to be built in Yuba City! When completed, an open house will be held  that will allow a tour of the building before it is dedicated. I highly recommend attending the open house, (it will probably last for about a week), to enjoy the unusual construction.

Our family consists of four boys and one girl. They have given us eleven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. They are scattered all over: one in Chicago, two here in Salt Lake, one in Las Vegas and one in Washington. 

We enjoy living in Salt Lake and taking advantage of the different seasons. We live within walking distance of our church offices so our cost of transportation is minor, (our total gas bill for last month was less than $20).  

We wish we could be with you for the reunion, but we have a granddaughter that is getting married the same weekend as the reunion so we are unable to be there. We wish everyone a good time and look forward to the 65th!






Barbara (Boyd) Pelascini                 Updated August 2019


Bob & Barbara


Dear Classmates:

Congratulations to the GUHS Class of 1959 on our 60th anniversary! Don't know how we have reached this milestone so quickly! Guess it just happened when we weren't looking.


I regret that I will not be able to attend the reunion, but here is an update on a few recent events in my family (look under 'ROSTER A-E' under Barbara's name).


Barbara (Boyd) Pelascini





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