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Barbara (Boyd) Pelascini's Family:


Bob and Barbara's Oldest Son's Wedding

Here we are at our big event of 2017 - our oldest son’s wedding.  This was October 7th, 2017.

Our oldest son, Brian and his bride, Annika at their wedding in their vineyard in Suisun Valley.


Our youngest son, Matt (right), was best man. Here he is with his family - his two youngest daughters were junior bridesmaids
 and his son was “Ring security” (dressed like a secret service agent with a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist.


Youngest son Matt, who was the best man, oldest son, Brian and his bride, Annika with Bob and Barb.


The next day the firestorm struck and the Atlas Peak fire forced us to evacuate from Green Valley for a week. We are very fortunate to still have a house to come home to. It was a close call. Only saved by tremendous firefighting efforts and prayers that held back the winds.  So very, very sad for the thousands of people who were not so lucky.

From Ken: I received this in a Christmas note from Barb. I asked if we could post this for others to read on this website, she replied:

I do not mind at all if you post this on the website. I need to go on it, too, and catch up with everyone. I haven’t done that in a while.

We have a second home in Ventura county, near our youngest son and his family (also in these pictures). It was thought to be endangered by the Thomas fire, but then that one changed direction and headed up towards Santa Barbara. I asked Linda Kohler Hughes if they were under mandatory evacuation but she said it was only advisory. She said it was the fifth time fires have threatened Santa Barbara since they have lived there, so they pretty much have their evacuation routine down to a science. I haven’t heard from her this week, but I think they have gotten a handle on that fire.  I think the homes it has destroyed are still in the hundreds, nothing like the 5000+ homes destroyed in Napa and Sonoma counties in October.  Only one home was destroyed here in Green Valley.


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Loretta (Burks) Carroll's Family:


Classic Chico Impala star of TV car show

Emily Bertolino — Enterprise-Record     By Laura Urseny, Chico Enterprise-Record  Posted: 05/17/16, 8:18 PM PDT | Charlie and Loretta Carroll of Chico stand with their 1965 Chevy Impala that will be on the May 24 episode of the TV show “Car Hunters.”





Charlie and Loretta Carroll of Chico stand with their 1965 Chevy Impala that will be on the May 24 episode of the TV show “Car Hunters.” Charlie and Loretta Carroll of Chico stand with their robin-egg blue 1965 Chevy Impala that will be on the History Channel’s show “Car Hunters.”




Charlie and Loretta Carroll of Chico stand with their robin-egg blue 1965 Chevy Impala that will be on the History Channel’s show “Car Hunters.” Emily Bertolino — Enterprise-Record





Chico >> Charlie and Loretta Carroll of Chico are known around town for their dedication to good work through local service organizations, but later this month their fame will be expanded to include one of their “babies” — a 51-year-old Chevrolet Impala convertible.

The classic car will make an appearance on the History Channel show “Car Hunters,” which will air at 7:30 p.m. May 24.

The Carrolls are big fans of classic cars and have had a number of them over the years. But the robin-egg blue car caught the attention of someone else, who called the show. According to the Carrolls, the attention is justified.

“This 51-year-old Chevrolet Impala convertible was the top-of-the-line sport model for 1965, consequently makes it a rare and collectible vehicle. It also can be attributed to low factory production figures of this particular model,” Loretta Carroll said.

The Carrolls weren’t intending to sell the car, but when the New York production company contacted them, they agreed to have it filmed. Leftfield Entertainment contacted the Chico couple “as they were looking to feature a full size mid-’60s convertible.” A local hotrod and restoration shop shared information about the Carrolls’ car, the couple said.

The film crew arrived in Chico, coming from Dallas and then Yuba City for other filming projects.

“They were very professional,” noted Loretta Carroll as their cul de sac turned into a stage.

Several of the Carrolls’ friends, including their daughter, spotted the convertible around town as the crew filmed. Only it wasn’t one of the Carrolls driving. The production company insisted one of their drivers was behind the wheel.

The couple is anxious to see the final program with their car, which hasn’t been for sale but might, if the price is right. From the late ’60s until recent years they had acquired 26 cars in the collection of vintage and collectible vehicles. In recent years they downsized a bit.

“The most recent sale in April was our oldest car of the collection, a 75-year-old, all original, 1941 Chevrolet Special deluxe club coupe,” Loretta Carroll said.

The couple also drove earlier this month in the Pioneer Day Parade, playing hosts to parade marshal Marilyn Warrens.

The show, christened “Drop Top and Roll,” takes viewers through Chicoan Mark Piland’s search for a classic car. Like shows about house hunters, “Car Hunters” are hunting for the four-wheel slice of paradise. The show takes Piland through test drives in a ’66 Pontiac LeMans, a ’71 Mercury Cougar and then the Carroll’s ’65 Chevy Impala.

According to the History Channel’s website, the show Car Hunters “follows individuals as they search to buy their dream car.”

Contact reporter Laura Urseny at 896-7756.


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Sally (Benedict) Serger's Family:



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Michael Dahl's Family:



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Linda (Koehler) Hughes' Family:



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Barbara (Moon) Gately's Family



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Tracy Newton's Family:



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John Sample's Family:



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Don Segur's Family:



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Kenny Smith's Family:



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Donna (Sowers) Laird's Family:



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Frank & Shirley (Maurer) Stenzel's Family:



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Neil Ventioner's Family:



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Margie (Walker) & Jack Hinkle's Family:



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