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Richard Bosenko                                                                                                                                                            July 12th, 2015

In September of 1959 I entered Chico State. The Saturday before classes convened I met Sandra, who 8 months later became my wife. We were married in the Presbyterian Church on the CSU campus. That was 55 years ago this August.

Our two daughters were born in Chico.

  • Tina our oldest, lives in Biggs, CA. with three of her four children; Chase (22),  Joelle (13) and Izabelle (12).  Joelle and Izabelle were adopted from China. Arielle (24), her oldest, is married to Christopher, and they have a daughter, Wynter Rae, who was 1 year old June 29th. They live in Pollock Pines, east of Sacramento CA.

  • Kelli, our younger daughter, lives here in Medford, OR, with her son Ryan (25).

 After graduation from Chico in 1965, I took a position with the University of California at Davis Education Television Department for a year, working in the Veterinarian large and small animal surgery, where I laid out the Computer and Video requirements for the Library, and the Veterinarian and Human Hospitals, which were built in the early seventies.

We then moved to the Bay Area and worked for Ampex Corporation as a design engineer.  Ampex sent me to Newport News, VA, where I was responsible for the NASA back-up equipment used in looking for the Sea of Tranquility, which later became the landing site for Neil Armstrong's Apollo 11 moon landing.

After Ampex, I joined Microwave Associates as engineering manager, designing Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers (TWTA), which were used in space reconnaissance.

Next, I worked with Signetics as a technical chip design specialist. Signetics moved to us Orange County, where we lived during the 70’s. During our time in Orange County I worked in a variety of Technical Sales and Marketing positions, Digital Equipment Corporation (1st time), Microdata, General Automation and Honeywell.

In May of 1970 Jesus Christ became Sandra’s, Tina’s, Kelli’s and my Lord and Savior. We attended Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa for 10 years.

In November 1974, a team of five (5) from CCCM went to New Zealand where we taught bible studies and led evangelistic crusades all on the North Island.

In 1976 we purchased Living Water Productions, a wholesale distributor of Contemporary Christian Music (Maranatha) and Christian gift items. This provided many opportunities for teaching, evangelism, and one-on-one ministry.

In 1980 I made 2 trips to Shanghai, China, at the request of the People's Republic of China, representing various U.S. computer and electronics companies, to set an automated assembly line. However, the real purpose was to open an avenue to smuggle bibles into China, all in support of Brother Andrew. On the 2nd trip I hand carried more than 1,000 bibles into Shanghai. The following year, Brother Andrew's teams carried in more than a 1,000,000 bibles, successfully.

In August of 1980 we moved back to Chico, with the express desire to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the CSU campus. From this grew Calvary Chapel of Chico, which I pastored for four years. During this time I assisted in the formation of Calvary Chapel of Gridley, and Calvary Chapel of Oroville. Sam Allen was called in 1984 to be the Senior Pastor of CC Chico, where he is today, with an active and vibrant body.

In addition to China and New Zealand, travels have included: Israel, England, Switzerland, France, Austria, Malaysia, Hong Kong and every state in the union except Alaska. Some on business, others for pleasure, but ultimately sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In 1980, I walked with Arthur Blessitt from Virginia Beach, VA to Washington, DC, a distance of 250 miles, in 13 days, culminating in the “Washington for Jesus” crusade. Additionally, I participated in crusades including: Hollywood, Las Vegas, Orange Country, Los Angeles, San Diego and the Pomona Fair, as an outreach of Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). Every Friday night, for over a year, we led witness teams into 1st street in Santa Ana. This was the center of street-living and alternate life-styles.

In 1984, we returned to the Bay Area and the Electronic Industry. From 1984 through 2009, I worked for Digital Equipment (2nd time), Tangent Systems, Cadence Design, High Level Design, interHDL, FasTrack Design, and Tuscany Design Automation. Each of these was involved with the computer industry or the software “Chip” design software (Electronic Design Automation, EDA). Primarily they were start-up companies. Most were successful in their product niche, which resulted in 6 of 8 being acquired by larger EDA companies.

In July of 1998 we move to Medford, Oregon, to be closer to the kids and grandkids. Tina was in Bend, OR at the time and Kelli was in Medford.

I became the CEO of Lava Logic (Washington DC) in 1999-2002 and traveled a lot.

In July of 2000, Sandra and I spent the entire month vacationing in Switzerland, Italy, France and Liechtenstein. This was our 2nd trip to France and Switzerland. Switzerland and Italy are some of the friendliest places in Europe.

In 2010, I was the President & CEO of a multi-functional start-up company named ICR Systems.

ICR Systems – A hardware and software solution of an in-vehicle tracking, monitoring and histogram database, servicing Uninsured Motorists, User Based Auto Insurance and Alternate Gasoline Tax (ODOT & State Infrastructure Taxing)

LoCattle – Tracking livestock in open range, to thwart predators, rustlers and weather-related loss. LoCattle was also designed for tracking game preserve animals in Africa.

Alpine Technology – Complete all-in-one “Travel Toothbrush”, which included paste, floss and pick.

After seeking funding unsuccessfully, we suspended operations in 2014.

In 2011 I became a Teaching Assistant in Medford School District’s Special Education Department. The first two years were in a ‘FOCUS’ classroom (Elementary 4th-6th grades, with 12-15 students plus teacher and 2 teaching assistances). This past year I moved over to Medford North (4 year High School), creating lesson plans, testing, grading and recording, reporting student progress, coordinating schedules and reviewing all IEP’s in support of teacher’s caseload, where I will be again in the Fall.

Currently, I am attempting to launch a new venture around an Equine product, which I invented in 2004.

We live on 17 acres in East Medford. We enjoy our Morgan horses, and a very quiet life-style. I continue to teach in local churches occasionally, and share the Gospel at every opportunity.

We have been truly blessed beyond anything that can be expressed in a brief bio. The knowledge of our eternal relationship with God our heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is foremost of these blessing. Second is a loving wife, a continual inspiration, and our daughters, 5 grand kids and one great granddaughter.

I look forward to hearing what has taken place in each of your lives, as when it is convenient.

May the LORD Jesus Christ richly bless you! May He open your hearts to the knowledge of His plan and will for your life. May your joy and fellowship in Him be complete! God Bless you and your families,

Richard & Sandra Bosenko, 3857 Pine Top Dr., Medford, Oregon 97504    (541) 944-9800 Cell

Job 9:32-33 (KJV) 32 for He is not a man, as I am, that I should answer Him, and we should come together in judgment. 33 Neither is there any Daysman between us that might lay His hand upon us both. (Jesus Christ is the believer’s Daysman.)

Acts 4:12 (NKJV) 12 Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved. (Jesus Christ is our Salvation.)

Jeremiah 29:11 (NKJV) 11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. (God is thinking about you continually – are you thinking about Him?)



Barbara (Boyd) Pelascini

I'm sorry I won't be back in time for the making it to our 50th... Bob just got tickets to France... but I may be back in time for the All-School Reunion. Please send my booklet to our Camarillo address. We only come up to Fairfield to let Bob check up on our construction company. He doesn't want them to get the idea that it will operate without him, now that we are retired. Ha ha.

I sent a picture of us "50 years later". We met in the fall of 1959 at college. These three little ones are the reason we are now in Southern California so much of the time.

Hope you are doing well and I look forward to getting the booklet and catching up on our classmates.

                                                                                                                         Fondly, Barb P.


Barbara Crabtree:                                                                                                                                    Date: December 5th, 2008

I will be unable to attend either time. We will be in California for a family reunion during summer and was hoping that the 50th reunion was going to be held in a surrounding town. During these bad economic times we don't feel we could do either, so I hope that you all have a good time and enjoy sharing memories of times at GUHS.

                                                                                                                               Barbara Goldsmith (Crabtree)


Michael Dahl:                                                                                                                                             DATE: August 5th, 2009

Your Spouse's or Partner's Current Name: _Grove  (Groverlee)________________
Your Current Street and Number:   
Your Current City, State and Zip: _Gridley, CA 95948_________________________
Your Current Phone Number: 
 Your Current E-mail Address: 
Number of Children: __2 sons with wives___  Number of Grandchildren: _4 magnificent ones_____
Number of Great-Grandchildren: _none
What Grade Level, Years in School or Degrees Did You Attain: _Graduated from Chico State and became a teacher and administrator in Live Oak for 33 years_______________
In What Careers Were You Involved: ___Retail Clerks to supplement my inflated teaching salary...especially when Grove took a leave of teaching to play with our sons until the youngest was in first grade.______________________________
In What Businesses Did You Participate: _______________________________
In What Cities, States or Countries have you lived: In the Army I lived in Fort Ord, and in Virginia and in Thailand but mostly we've lived in Gridley.________________________
What Leisure-time Activities Have You Enjoyed: __Travel, fishing, scouting, golf, and doing Sudokus every night trying to keep my brain alive._______________________
To What Parts Of The World Have You Traveled: _Mexico, Europe, (Italy, Switzerland, England, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands)  Africa (_South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, ) and Jordon in the Mid East.  We've toured Central America (Panama Canal and surrounding areas, Caribbean_islands, ) and South America (Peru and Bolivia).  Asia (China, Thailand (again), Cambodia) and we plan to go to Australia and New Zealand in February).  This is pretty amazing since neither of us traveled much outside California until a few years before retirement and of course after retirement.  We are spending our kids inheritance.  When we die they can sell the house and split up that!

 You can tell Grove is writing this.  I hope more of you will include your information in Ken's Web site.  It is really such a neat way to keep in touch.  If I'd realized, I wouldn't have made the book for the reunion, just put all the data in here.  I hope you folks put in your news.  We really like to keep in touch and share experiences.


Margaret (Haller) Neves                                                                                                                                      DATE: Spring, 2009

O. K. FIFTY YEARS HAVE PASSED SINCE WE GRADUATED FROM GUHS!!!  Did you expect that this is how it would be?

In 1959 we were ready to conquer the world! Mind and body-here we are world................ and now with so much experience and practical knowledge, we're still here world! (Maybe moving at a slower pace.) Events and living this long have tempered dreams and made us (well, me) more accepting of things the way they are. Some heads of state are not the kind old "fathers and grandfathers" with concern for the people of the countries they "liberate"...... Do you remember when Fidel Castro overthrew the government; we were excited for Cuba and Mr. Wilcox cautioned us as to just how this situation might turn out for the people? History has repeated itself the world over. The USA, with all of its inequities, is the best place to have lived these past decades.

My own family...... grandparents and parents are gone; we act in those roles they occupied in our lives. It's amazing to me that my grandsons don't even recognize me when I was young! Yes, I do think that I look similar but with many more wrinkles, sags, and pounds.... but then again parts of me are certainly more attuned to others' needs and desires which I believe is a good thing.

Lenore, our older daughter, now lives in Sammamish, Washington with her husband, Brian and sons. Connor, 9 and Max, 5, are full of energy and keep things lively. Max's "issue" of sight in just one eye doesn't seem to be a concern to him; you ought to see that kid hit baseballs without he advantage of depth perception! I wish that they lived closer to Willows.

Stacey finally received her teaching credential and even has a job! Her family lives in Chico so we have been more a part of their lives than the long-distance daughter (Alaska Airlines has made some money off my flights there). Husband Dan and her sons, Gage, 13, and Kian, almost 11, keep so busy. The boys are growing capable of taking care of themselves; I hardly need to spend Wednesdays with them as I once did. But I like to be there!!!

Art will never retire. He is the kind to keep busy until exhausted.

However, in 2007 we enjoyed a two-week cruise along the Mexican Riviera, through the Panama Canal, with a visit to Columbia before returning home.

As I write this I am looking forward to back surgery in June, hoping that my whole body will follow suit of that repair and I will feel, if not 50 years younger, at least ten years more ready for action. I am sorry to have missed the cruise in April, but am looking forward to a good time with my classmates in September.

                                                                                                                                Margaret H. Neves


Howard Hamman:                                                                                                                                     DATE: September 10th, 2009
Address:        * Gridley. CA 95948
Phone:           *
Email:            *
Spouse's name:  Florence
Children:        2-Sons  Brian & Kory
                                Brian is an attorney & partner in Gridley law firm Harris, Sanford & Hamman,  wife Kristen & 3 children
                                              They live in Chico, CA.
                                Kory is a Real Estate Broker & partner in Hamman Real Estate-Gridley, wife Bridget expecting their first child next Spring
                                              They live in Chico, CA.
Grandchildren:    Haley-11 years old
                                         Colton-9 years old
                                         Jake-6 years old
My Career:  Still Real Estate Broker in Gridley
Hobbies:  We enjoy the study of history and visiting Revolutionary & Civil War sites.  I'm a board member of Gridley Museum and working to preserve our community history.  If you have any old photos of Gridley, I would be interested in making a copy so they could be displayed in the Museum. Watching & attending grandchildren's school & sports activities, just enjoying being Grandparents, we have all the fun and none of the responsibility.  We are also involved with our sons and their wives in several businesses we have across the US.
Travels:  Florence and I have had the opportunity to travel around much of the US and also to Africa, Australia, Europe, Hawaii, Latin America, Mexico, New Zealand, several cruises to the Caribbean, Disney Cruise with grandchildren and twice rafting the Grand Canyon/Colorado River.
I still enjoy the great outdoors namely hunting/fishing trips.  Florence always goes with me, she does not hunt but takes all the photos.  We've gone Caribou hunting/fishing in Alaska, Duck hunting at our duck club, Elk hunting in Montana/Wyoming, Quail hunting in Georgia, Alligator hunting in the Louisiana Bayou & Dove hunting in Mexico.  Since our last class reunion, Florence & I have been on 4 African Safaris, 2 Safaris to South Africa, one Safari to Zimbabwe, in May we were in Namibia, Leopard hunting.  We've been charged by elephants, had stand offs with Rhinos but we've found even at this age we can move quickly, if we have to, we've had some very exciting and fun times together. 


Gary Mills:                                                                                                                                                                              Date: Summer, '09

I've attached another picture for the reunion (it can be used for dart practice). It's a rather large file (had to be to cover my waistline) so I'm not so sure if it will arrive but here it is.                                              ( I hope that I can get a copy of that image to post on this site... hint... hint... )

Susan and I will be in Richmond Virginia until about the end of next March serving as "Office Missionaries" -- we are involved in the administration of the Virginia mission for our Church which requires the keeping track of about 170 missionaries... arranging for housing, transportation and the logistics of their safety andwell-being. We are enjoying ourselves immensely and look forward to doing another 23 month mission just as soon as we return.

Give my best to all and hope to have many good years ahead.

Gary Mills


BARBARA (MOON) GATELY:                                                                                                                DATE: September 16th, 2009

I've attended two class reunions and am looking forward to attending our fiftieth with husband John and La Vaune Spratling Bell! Thanks to all those who organized it.

After graduation from high school in '59, I commuted to Yuba College with Judy, Sally, Peggy, LaVaune, Barbara Spuergon, there were six of us. Some silly wily hung the name "Dry Creek Girls" on us, I'm not sure why! Although I enjoyed high school Yuba was different, a little more freedom, fun, laughs and I should have studied a little more. I met my husband John Gately at Yuba, married 47 years.

After graduating from Yuba, I went to work for Pacific Bell in MSVL as a long distance operator for a year. 1962 John and I married and soon moved to Sunnyvale which was a major transition for me. John worked for Gemco and Lucky Stores. The next six years our three sons were born and we moved out to the Almaden Valley in San Jose. Stew, Brad and Chris attended SDA Jr. Academy and loved it. I almost began to call it home then in 1977 we had the opportunity to move so, Yuba City became home for the next nine years. John managed King's Market in Live Oak. Our son's were in a culture shock but they soon adjusted from city life. They attended SDA Academy in Yuba City and made new friends, soon country life became good.

  1985 we moved to Gridley and John opened "Gately's Country Store". Now with two sons in college and one in dental school I went back to school myself. 1987 I began teaching kindergarten, pre first and art 3rd - 8th at Yuba City SDA School. Teaching was very rewarding, I taught for seventeen years and enjoyed it very much.

1990 found us farming here in Gridley, it was a challenge and without the proper equipment next to impossible. My husband is not afraid to take on a new challenge and we soon learned about fertilizing, irrigating, pruning and cutting suckers! Our sons now men have been a big help and encourage us. 1991 we built our home out here on Losser and this has been home for the past 17 years. Much has happened to change our lives, our children grew up and we have taken care of parents for many years. John's mother lived with us for 15 years. Our parents are now gone and last year the big void set in, our children fill that though! We are very proud of our children, what a blessing they are and of course they also have busy lives.

I retired from teaching seven years ago and unexpectedly to become full-time grandmother. I have kept busy following Madison and Braden from McKinley to Wilson School teaching art and reading in their classrooms. I enjoy the taste of the classroom and do miss teaching. Last year I taught 5th and 3rd grades art at Wilson.

Butte County Library has a Pre-School program on Thursday I teach and will continue this year, it is all volunteer. I often see many old friends there with grandchildren.

John retired in 2006 from the store, we now work fulltime farming always awaiting the harvest. We really can't say we are retired as we are very busy. Trips, we are planning several and would really like to see more of the USA. We took a New England Tour and the DC Tour a few years ago with 500 other teachers. Boston and New York was another world unlike ours here in Gridley! It certainly brought history to life. Looks like we have an Alaskan tour in the planning for us maybe this fall.

My prayers to you all for best of health and happiness in your lives.

Barbara Moon Gately

Our children: We have three sons and 4 beautiful grandchildren:

     Dr. Stewart        (46)   & wife Joan Gately
          Zachary           19     (pre med) Pacific Union College
          Kara                   16     Jr. high school

     Bradley Gately   42   Arborist ("Brad's Landscape")
          Madison           11   Sixth grade
          Braden                9   Fourth grade

     Christopher Gately   40   Yuba County Sheriff Department



Joan (Murschel) Francis:                                                                                                                                                   Date: Summer, '09

Hi Mike:

I'm sure you don't remember me, but I (slightly) remember you. I only lived in Gridley between 5th and 8th grades. You and I were two of the speakers at our graduation from 8th grade. The theme was based on the F. Sinatra song, Young at Heart. My speech was based on the line, "Fairy tales can come true. It can happen to you........if you're young at heart". Yours was based on another line, but I don't remember which one.

I also remember you and your parents lived behind Max and Eleanor Schohr and we enjoyed many dinners with your family, the Manuels from Live Oak and us. My parents were Chet and Lucille Murschel and we lived on Back Biggs Road (next to Frank Stenzel's place). My grandfather ran the meat market inside Kilpatrick's grocery stre and my father was also a butcher there.

I was in Coach Roberts 8th grade class, don't remember who you had. I considered him one of the finest teachers I had in all my years of schooling. I heard he passed away at 90 years of age and I was sorry to hear that.

Frank Stenzel contacted me about the reunion but we will not be able to attend due to a trip we had planned. But it sure sounds fun. Can't make it to the All Class Reunion either.

I wish you all a great time.

Joan Francis (Murschel)


Joyce (Newton) May


We will not be able to attend this time - Steve has had some health problems and has to have time to re-coupe. Hope everyone has a great time and remembers us - We will be there next time.

Thanks for all the hard work - Its wonderful to be brought in remembrance of my good ole days.



Dennis Ragain

It has been too many years. I hope you and your family are all well. Ginny and I were hoping to be able to make the reunion, but business and family have made it impossible. Our daughter is having our first grandchild the end of August and we will be spending about 4 weeks in Santa Monica with her.

I thought I would use this letter to provide you with the information you requested.
(This data is on the Roster Page that you just left... hit your "Back" Button to return.
Dennis adds that he and Ginny have been married for 46 years and are strong in their Catholicism. Congratulations, Guys!)

We have two children:
     Son - Casey James Ragain; Graduated from University of Oregon: Works for the Oregon Department of Transportation as a GIS Analyst. Also volunteer fireman; master diver, ski patrol, etc. Single and likes it that way.
     Daughter - Tiffany Ann Ragain; soon to be mother. Currently lives in Flagstaff, AZ with the father of the baby with additional residence in Santa Monica. She is a personal trainer; pilates instructor, writer, teacher. Marriage is under consideration. Father is a teacher of meditation and is known around the world, so they travel a LOT.

My careers and experiences have been many and varied and one I wish I hadn't had: US Air Force Officer (1966 - 1972), Accountant, Mortgage Banker, Community College teacher, Small business owner, Government Administrator for 12 years (retired) and currently Director of a Non-Profit educating the general public about moisture and mold. Take a look at our website @ Sign up (it is free) and go into the site for lots of info - even a short clip of me teaching a group of people how to protect their homes. You can also go to to see my other endeavors.

Ginny and I travel quite extensively and will continue to do so for as long as the good Lord allows us. I hope this gives you some information. I look forward to communicating further.


Don Segur:                                                                                                                                                                 Date: Early in  2009

I'm a retired Navy Commander (Aviator) with two children, Don - born in Gridley, and Eric - born in Honolulu, 2 grand-children with #3 due the last week in April, 2009.

Hobbies include: Fly fishing (next trip to Canada 9/13 to 9/23 2009), Fly tying, Reading and Art & I keep busy as a volunteer with the Sacramento County Sheriffs Department.

Travels include: Azores, Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, Crete, Eleuthra, Germany, Greece, Guam, Hong Kong, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Libya, Malta, Marshall Islands (Bikini & Kwajalien), Mexico, Midway, Palau, Palma, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Sardinia, St. Thomas, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam and Wake. I have flown anti-submarine ACD Reconnaissance missions over the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans, Black Sea, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, Mediterranean, Bering Sea, East China Sea, Sea of Japan, Gulf of Tonkin, Philippine Sea, Sea of Okhotsk, South China Sea, while completing 6,000+ hours of flight time including 704 hours of combat flight during the Vietnam Conflict.

My wife and I have lived in: Pensacola and Jacksonville, Florida, Corpus Christi, Texas, Ewa Beach, Hawaii, Oak Harbor, Washington, Cupertino ad Coronado, California and finally Fair Oaks.

(Don tells me that in the family picture found HERE , we see (from the left Don's wife Elizabeth, their son Don's 14 year old Josh who has achieved a Black Belt in Kenpo Karate, their son Eric and his wife Jennifer, who have a 7 month old son).


There is room for MANY more of these... please consider sending one in...