How To Share Photos
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If you already know how to do this, then please ignore this note. Otherwise...

Please include all of the following with any image that you share with us:

  1. The "filename" of the image if you are sending an electronic copy.

  2. The name of each person that is in the photograph, left to right.

  3. The relationship each person is to our classmate.

  4. The date that the photograph was taken (or best guess).

  5. The location where the photograph was taken.

  6. Be sure that you identify yourself as the sender.

 If your images are saved on your computer, you may send them to be in the website by making each one  into an "attachment" to your e-mail.

If your images are hard photographs, see if you can get someone locally to scan them into a ".JPG file", and e-mail them, or put them onto a CD and snail mail it.

Send them in their "largest" or highest resolution. That will allow me to do minor editing of size, color and focus for the site.

If this is all as confusing to you as it is to me, check with your grandchild. I will bet that they can show you how to do it.

Please send them to Ken L. Smith, 3441 Brandy Ct., Pleasanton CA  94566 or e-mail them to