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Some Well Deserved Thank-You's
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- Mr. & Mrs. Ed Myers -

I just wanted to take a moment to introduce this very special couple to you. Ed Myers is the gentleman that graciously offered his time and expertise to help me get 'Up and Running' . And he ain't even from Gridley!

The lovely lady next to him is his wife, Andrea, a former 'Gridleyite' and 'Bulldog'. Better known as Andi,  she is the daughter of Earl and Roberta Anders, sister to Earlane (Murphy) and the late Mark Anders.  That means Andi is Rosalee's niece. Loretta (Burks) Carroll used to be her sitter/nanny about the time we finished up in high school.

Ed is one of the original 'Good Guys' that always makes sure that he is available for whomever is in need. He makes sure that the communication and computer systems at the AAAI Corporation in the SF Bay area are doing what they are expected to do. The great folks at AAAI  are graciously hosting They all have our deepest appreciation.

This image was taken on the deck of the Dawn Princess, September, 2005. It was 'SailAway' time, starting out a ten-day cruise to the "Mexican Riviera" that we took together (a rather rare Princess cruise that began and ended in San Francisco Bay). That is the suspended section of the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge behind them, with the Oakland area behind that. It is the section of the bridge that is behind Yerba Buena Island that is being replaced currently. You can rest assured that it is a mite nippy out there on that deck.

--  Thanks Guys!  --