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The purpose of our gathering this data is to allow everyone to "catch up" on everyone else. We are no longer trying to make the impressions on our classmates that we did back in 1964. Now it is a matter of whom among us is  getting more time on the links, or who is catching the most fish.



Today's Date: 

Your Last Name When You Graduated: 

Your First Name: 

Your Current Last Name (if different from above): 

Your Spouse's or Partner's Current Name: 

Your Current City, State and Zip: 

* Your Current Street and Number: 

* Your Current Phone Number: 

* Your Current E-mail Address: 

 * These three items will not be displayed on the website. Anyone wishing to contact you will first contact me, then I will contact you, and YOU may decide whether to contact them or not.

No. of Children:     No. of Grandchildren:      No. of Great-Grandchildren: 

What Grade Level, Years in School or Degrees Did You Attain: 

In What Careers Were You Involved: 

In What Businesses Did You Participate: 

In What Cities, States or Countries have you lived: 

What Leisure-time Activities Have You Enjoyed:

To What Parts Of The World Have You Traveled:

Anything else you would like to add: 


This is simply a guide to what information we would share with each other. Please feel free to add other things and ignore some of these. The intent is certainly not to invade each others' privacy but to bring us closer by understanding each others' lives and experiences.

When you have finished, click here to send it directly to Ken: 


If you want to send this form to someone that does not have a computer, just CLICK HERE and print out a copy and send it to them. They can fill it out by hand or with a typewriter and mail it to: Ken Smith, 3441 Brandy Ct., Pleasanton, CA  94566.