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Our original goal was to get information to you regarding the Cruise that took place in April '09, the Homecoming Game  that took  place on September 18th (with the "Gathering" at the Moose Lodge following the game), and the Dinner that occurred on September 19th.  We expanded this site to include information about our past reunions, and to tell you about future plans. When you look through this website, if you see a name missing or a name that needs to be brought up to date, or a space containing something like: [? ? #4 ? ? ] and you know who the person is or where the place is or what the date may be that is missing, please send it to us. Our failing, feeble minds just cannot come up with some of the information.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to your website.


Let's Go Cruising!

We have 27 members booked so far!
(that's Forteen Cabins, Folks!)

If anyone wants to go, but is a single, let Ken know, and there may be others that are in the same... um... boat?! You may enjoy sailing with a classmate.

Suzy's half/price deposit sale is over, so the deposits not are 10% of the cruise fare. This deposit is still the non-refundable price... refundable is higher if you prefer to have that possible fall-back.

The lower price for cabins because of our being a group will end 6/19. Unknown what the pricing will be after that date. Last date to sign up to go with us is October 24, 2018

The cruise will be on the Grand Princess, leaving San Francisco on January 17th, 2019, and will cruise to:
Puerto Vallarta, Manzanillo, Mazatlán, Cabo San Lucas,
and returning to San Francisco on January 27th.

We hope that you will all be able to join us.

Click on the "Future Cruise" up at the top for more information.



Our thanks to GUHS Class of 59' for all you do for each other-
                                                   -and the kindness you've shown to our family.

Blessings to the Class of 59'

With Sincere Gratitude,

Tami Holland Davis  

Mervyn Whiteside's Daughter


From Ken: We have added a great photo on the Roster Page U - Z, and a beautiful letter and more photos are added to the Necrology section.



Our thoughts and prayers go out to
 all of our classmates that are faciing tough times and personal losses.
Hopefully they will let others know how they can help them through these tough times.


~  Recent Additions  ~

New Item and Classmate Involved Location Date Added
Information Regarding the 60th Reunion Cruise Future Cruise Jun 2018
Oldest Son's Wedding - Barbara Pelascini (Boyd) Family Photos Feb 2018


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Fifty-Seventh Year "California Coastal" Reunion Cruise


Click on "REUNIONS", then on "57 Year - 2016 " to see these classmates' names.
You will also find pictures of the 2016 California Coastal Reunion Cruise.


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It is a nice one, guys. You are doing a nice job. You make us old guys proud.


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