Don Segur is home in Sacramento.
He is improving.
Peggy said that he is able to be up for a couple hours a day
 in his wheelchair.
She mentioned something about him needing to
put on a little weight. He lost quite a bit in the hospital.
Don continues to do physical therapy.


Roger Biggs had a heart attack several months ago,
and he recently had a stroke on top of that.
Word is that his wife is treating him well
and he is showing some improvement.







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Home For Gridley Union High School Class of '59
"Blue and Gold Rules!"

Our original goal was to get information to you regarding the Cruise that took place in April '09, the Homecoming Game  that took  place on September 18th (with the "Gathering" at the Moose Lodge following the game), and the Dinner that occurred on September 19th.  We expanded this site to include information about our past reunions, and to tell you about future plans. When you look through this website, if you see a name missing or a name that needs to be brought up to date, or a space containing something like: [? ? #4 ? ? ] and you know who the person is or where the place is or what the date may be that is missing, please send it to us. Our failing, feeble minds just cannot come up with some of the information.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to your website.


Sixtieth Year Reunion Dinner
Was Held At The Feather Falls Casino in Oroville
on September 28th, 2019

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Schedule of Names:

Read From Left To Right

 Row Number Three (Back Row)

Don Bell - Howard Hamman - Ken Smith - Gary Carlin - Don Segur - Steve Passmore
John Sample - Leon Longacre - Frank Delgado - Jim Pitt

Row Number Two

  Ray Din - Karl Keen - Linda (Koehler) Hughes - Sally (Benedict) Serger
Loretta (Coe) Winfrey - Nancy (Justice) Wright - George Dockery - Frank Stenzel
Barbara (Moon) Gately - Mike Dahl

Row Number One

 David Richins - Arnie Stewart - Peggy (Haller) Neves - Judy Gage
Joanie (Adams) Casillas (behind Judy) -  Eva (Correia) Lane - Shirley (Maurer) Stenzel
Margo (Robinson) Wilson - Jean (Davis) Dorhofer




Sixtieth Year "Mexican Riviera" Reunion Cruise
Ten-Day Cruise on the Grand Princess
was on January 17th through 27th, 2019

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Have You Ever Seen A Prettier Bunch Of Ladies?

Schedule of Names:

Read From Left To Right

 Row Number Five (Back Row)

Jerry Hamilton (Guest of Pitts) - Alan Williamson (Guest of Pitts) - Don Segur - Jim Pitt

Row Number Four

 Melody Williamson (Guest of Pitts) - Joe Viscuso (Guest of Hammans) - Howard Hamman - Ray Din
Joe and Margaret Hughes (Guests of Hammans)

Row Number Three

Debbie Hamilton (Guest of Pitts) - Denise Viscuso (Guest of Hammans) - John Gately - Barbara Moon Gately - Arnie Stewart - Mike Dahl - Ken Smith -  Frank Stenzel

Row Number Two

Groverlee Dahl - Rosalee Shifflet Smith - Kathy Haller Pfister (Peggy's Sister) - Shirley Maurer Stenzel
Lyndell Din - JoEllen Pitt - Dianna Stewart - Florence Sheppard Hamman

Row Number One

Peggy Haller Neves - Joanie Adams Casillas




~  Recent Additions  ~

New Item and Classmate Involved Location Date Added
Sixtieth Reunion Homecoming and Dinner Reunions Nov 2019
Sixtieth Reunion Cruise Reunions Mar 2019
A Status Update From Linda (Koehler) Hughes (12/27/18) Comments Dec 2018
Information Regarding the 60th Reunion Cruise Future Cruise Jun 2018
Oldest Son's Wedding - Barbara Pelascini (Boyd) Family Photos Feb 2018


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